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Basic Tips for dancers footwear!

When Choosing Tap Shoes the level of the dancer determines the fit for the shoe. For Little beginner dancer a bigger shoe is ok, because they will grow out of them fast. But as the dancers advance and grow, part of the perfected sound comes from having a perfectly fitted shoe.

The most recognizable image for Ballet is the Pointe Shoe, though there is actually two shoes used in ballet. Ballet which is what most popular for beginner and mid levels are performing they are using a basic Ballet shoe. The point is a specific type of Ballet shoe used in when the dancer is performing Pointe work (on the tip of the toe). The fitting for a Pointe shoe is very important for support, the right shoe must be so that the front of the box fits to keep her foot off the ground when on the platform. Pointe shoe pads fit with a custom adjustment that needs to be accurate for best performance.

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